7 Step Production Process

Stage 1: Research the figures.

Stage 2: Produce dollies. For those of you who remember 'Swap-its' it is simply a case of creating sculpts of various legs, heads, packs, rifles, muskets, torso's etc individually. These form the basis of the sculpts (GREENS). If producing full sculpts then skip to stage 4.

Stage 3: Piece together the dollies to produce an overall pose for the figure and then sculpt the dollies together. Add detail and character (Repeat this process to create variations of figures)

Stage 4: Send 'GREENS' off for production. Firstly a 'Master mould' is created.

Stage 5: From the 'Master mould' casts you then create a 'Production mould'.

Stage 6: The production mould, much like a wheel, is spun and using centrifugal force the molten metal seeps in to the mould.

Stage 7: The metal cools and 'hey presto!', the metal cast figures are removed one by one, packaged up and sent back to Alban Miniatures. (In the main these mean single sculpts for the end user who then doesn't have to mess around gluing bits together and worrying that the end product may fall apart or not look correct).