Welcome to my 28mm Wargaming Miniatures World

Alban Miniatures is a private collection of 1/56 scale metal Napoleonic figures.

Set up in 2008 Alban Miniatures traded in superb quality, proportionally scaled cast metal Napoleonic war gaming figures in 28mm (1/56th scale) until 15th January 2016 when Alban Miniatures reverted to a private collection.

28mm Napoleonic Miniatures War Gaming Figures from Alban Miniatures

Alban miniatures were first designed by the extremely talented sculptor 'Mr Richard Ansell' to compliment the launch of the 'Sharp Practice' rule set. The detailed and proportionate 1/56 scale design propelled Alban Miniatures in to the lime-light as a quality provider of Napoleonic figures in the UK and internationally. Figure sculptor Martin Baker and artillery sculptor Ian Taylor also had a hand in helping Alban Miniatures develop and grow its range of Napoleonics.

Alban Miniatures remains grateful to those customers who used to frequent the website thus, from its closure as a trading website on 15th January 2016, the webiste has been retained in order to share pictures from Alban Miniatures for past customers, enthusiasts of the period and of the hobby to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting and happy gaming.

Paul Lawlor